Winter Kayaking Gear

Kayaking during the winter months can be loads of fun, if you live in a cold climate then you will have to invest in some pricey gear. The following is a list of kayaking gear that you need and or I recommend you buy if you are to enjoy cold weather winter kayaking.

Kokatat Drysuit

This is the top of the line dry suit from Kokatat, it's the expedition suit, Kokatat makes the best dry suits for kayaking and a dry suit is a must have piece of gear to enjoy the winter months

Neopreme Mittens

I have not used these items personally, Mittens do a better job of keeping your hands warm than gloves, when you need that extra warmth grab a pair of heavy neopreme mittens,

Kokatat Gloves

When you need to keep your hands warm but do not want to lose your dexterity gloves are the best answer


Kokatat Boots

Wear these boots over your neopreme socks to keep water from getting your feet wet when launching your kayak

Head Gear

You simply must keep your head warm when out on the water and this SurfSkin Balaclava does just the trick

Heavy Wool Socks

A heavy pair of wool socks are the perfect thing to wear under your drysuit

Heavy Wetsuit

I do not own this particualr wetsuit A good quality wetsuit is a great substitute for a drysuit when you are trying to save money, a wetsuit like this one can enable you to kayak all winter long and save big money at the same time