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Tom Woods’s Liberty Classroom is an educational website offering an alternative viewpoint on history and economics. Liberty Classroom is a proponent of the Austrian School of economics, which is a lazier fair free market system of economics. The historical lessons are also taught from a free market prospective. The price you pay for the quality of the lessons is astonishing. The lessons come either in the form of power point presentations or as audio files. My favorite method of receiving the lessons is through audio, I listen to them while I’am driving my car. You can also interact with the professors on a message board, FYI many of them are, actual college professors! If you are interested in free market economics, or an alternative viewpoint on history then you really should’t look any further. My one criticism of Liberty Classroom is the format of delivery can be a bit boring. But that being said, these are economic and history lessons, so I do not know how exciting they can be. The lessons can sometime remind you of sitting through college listening to a professor yammering on in front of a projector, but as long as you do not have ADD then you should be fine! LOL. I highly recommend Liberty Classroom, for anyone serious about learning free market economics, or a free market historical perspective, especially if you do not have time to constantly read books.

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