some keys to remember when rolling a kayak, if you are using a Greenland paddle then for it to find a proper neutral angle you need only to keep a lose grip on the paddle. since a Greenland paddle is wood and double faced, meaning it does not have a power face it will automatically float to the proper angle, so just keep a lose grip on it throughout the roll, if you are using a European paddle then you will have to consciously orientate the blade to maintain a climbing angle as you move it through the water. Try to flatten your shoulders out along the surface of the water. Flattening your shoulders increases your buoyancy and helps to push you upper body toward the surface which of course helps to roll the kayak. If you are muscling the roll then you are doing it wrong all rolls should be smooth and fluid.

Standard Greenland Roll

This is christopher crowhurst doing the standard greenland roll


How to roll a kayak the complete package

Im very proud of this video, it is an instructional rolling video that i worked very hard on, it focuses soley on the standard greenland roll if you like this video please help spread it around

Learnig To Roll My Journey

This video chronicles my experience trying to learn how to roll a kayak, I brought a camera along for virtually all of my rolling attempts since I first strated and here are the results