Fully Rugged Laptop Computers

If you live in a car, or another extreme setting, then your choice of computers is limited. Most computers are incapable of withstanding the wild temperature swings that can occur inside a car. For example, if you live in the northeast of America, at night in the winter the temperature might get down to -20F, but in the daylight of summer the temperature inside your car can be over 130F. Most laptop computers stored in such conditions would suffer irreversible damage if left for to long. If you live in a car and are in need of more than a cell phone for your computing work, then a rugged laptop is your only choice. Unfortunately the price tag of a fully rugged laptop is often hefty. This is why buying a used one on Ebay is a great idea! I bought my Dell and my Panasonic from the sellers listed below.
If you buy either of these laptops after clicking the links below, I will receive a small commission on the sale. If you found my article helpful and are thankful for bringing these items to your attention, then I would appreciate it if you could click the affiliate links below before placing your order. Thank you very much!!

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