Herbal Supplements for Lyme Disease

The herbs listed here are supplements that I have personally taken to battle lyme disease. If you are looking at this webpage then you have probably seen my youtube videos and know my story, but just in case if you don’t, here is a link to watch the video. So far these herbs have worked extremely well for me. The effects of Lyme disease have been extremely minimal. That being said, I must warn you that I am not a doctor, and anything that I say is subject to being wrong. Just because the herbs have worked for me does not mean that they will work for you. It is entirely possible that the herbs could cause medical harm to you. You take full responsibility for any harm that is caused to you by following any of my recommendations. I do repeat, I am not a doctor. Im just some guy on the internet that has / had lyme disease and has found an herbal concoction that works for me. Im sorry that I have to give this warning but in the world in which we live, I feel it is necessary. Im not affiliated with any of the companies that sell these herbs, but the links below are amazon affiliate links. If you click them and buy the products then I will receive compensation from amazon. You do not have to use the affiliate links, but I would appreciate it if you do. These products can also be bought at places like GNC, or Vitamin World. I've also taken some other supplements here and there that are not listed such as ginger root, and vitamin D. Please let me know if these supplements work for you; im curious if they will help other people, particularly people who are experiencing more severe symptoms than I had. I started taking these supplements very early on and I fully tribute these with keeping my symptoms very mild and manageable. Ok enough of my rambling, check out the supplements!!

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