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Use promo code TRIPPS_YEAR_LWKS_2018 to save 40% off of a one year subscription to Lightworks Pro with Boris Graffiti included! To use your discount code, simply sign up for a Lightworks account, go to the Lightworks shop, and paste the code TRIPPS_YEAR_LWKS_2018 into the input field. For more information please visit this link Use your promo code to buy a pro subscription which will eliminate restrictions and enable features such as: exporting video and audio to numerous filetypes at up to 4k resolution, more advanced project sharing, use of packages like the included Boris Graffiti, and more!
promo code: TRIPPS_YEAR_LWKS_2018

Use promo code TRIPPS_YEAR_LWKS_2018 to upgrade to Lightworks Pro. Eliminate the limitations of the free version, and save 40% off of a one year Lightworks Pro subscription!

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