Basic Kayaking Gear

The items featured here are the minimal gear requirements for safe and convenient kayaking, every kayaker whether paddling in the ocean or a placid lake should have the following items. Please click on the links to purchase these or similar items, these links help to fund this website, thank you.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are an absolute must for kayaking. they are perfect for storing electronics, keys, and wallets. To ensure your valuables stay completely dry I recommend double or even triple dry bagging them.

Kayak bilge pump

A bilge pump is an absolute necessity, these enable you to pump water out of your kayak in the event of a capsize, you should never go kayaking without one


Dive Knife

I do not own this particuular knife, A knife is the most basic piece of survival gear in any situation, when kayaking not just any knife will do, you need a dive knife they are specifically designed to withstand salt water environments

Long Sleeve Shirt Sun Protection

These long sleeve, light colored, quick dry shirts are the best sun protection you can get. You can where these in the middle of the summer they do not make you hot

Bucket Hat Sun Protection

I do not own this particular hat, bucket hats do a great job of keeping the sun from burning your face

Life Jacket

Kokatat makes the best kayaking products and their life jackets are no exception you cannot go kayaking without a life jacket period