Kayak Fishing, Emmrod Fishing Rod, and Penn Fathom Reel

I fish from a sit inside Greenland sea kayak. This is not a typical fishing kayak. It is very limited in space, so the gear that I bring is minimal in quantity and size. The Emmrod Fishing rod is the best fishing rod that I could imagine for any kayak fishing setup. It has the ability to fight a fairly large fish (I’ve caught 3 foot long striped bass with it) it can cast fairly far for a rod of its length, and speaking of the length! thats the best part. The kayak king pole, which is the model that I use is less than 28 inches long! After catching lots of fish with this rod, I can confidently say, the rod is solidly built. The only maintenance I give the rod is a quick hose down when I’am done fishing and thats it. This rod shows no signs of wear what so ever, after 2 full seasons of use. This rod has some spectacular benefits, including the ability to transport it in a backpack, no banging it into things when your carrying it, and its easy to store. If you are fishing from a narrow sit in kayak like me then this rod is a must. My kayak is only a 20 inch beam, yet due to the short length of this rod, the amount of leverage on the side of my kayak when reeling in a fish, is not great enough to make the kayak unstable. Thats right I can reel in a fish without fear of flipping my kayak over; a longer rod would surely cause this problem. The only problem I’ve had with this rod, is every now and then the line can get tangled around the coils. Im not sure why this happens, but the solution is fairly simple. Use a clip that is small enough to feed through the eyelet of the rod, so when this happens you can untangle the line from the coils. I promise this does not happen much, but it does happen.
The fishing reel sold my Emmord that comes with the rod reel combo, in my opinion is a piece of junk. I had nothing but trouble with hat reel, it is poorly built, inconsistent drag, it would lockup when turning the handle. I recommend buying the rod only, and to invest in a real made by another manufacturer. I use the Penn 525 Mag on my Emmrod pole. This reel is no longer manufactured so I linked to the closes thing, which is the Penn Fathom. I use these open face conventional reels, rather than spinning reels when kayak fishing, because they offer a lower profile. When using a spinning reel, you will sometimes hit the bail arm when paddling the kayak. The lower profile of the conventional reel, keeps the reel out of the way of the paddle enabling you to paddle normally without making adjustments, so you don’t hit the reel. The conventional reels are also more durable, and capable of handling bigger loads. The open face models like the Fathom also offer great casting distance. The only problem with these open face reels, is when reeling the line in, you have to manually guide it. Otherwise they offer a very smooth fight, and a low profile, which is great for kayak fishing!
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Emmrod Kayak King Pole

I use the 4 coil version of this pole, this version offers more backbone, but less casting distance

Penn Fathom Star Drag Reel

I use the Penn 525 Mag Reel, but it is no longer manufactured, this is the closes reel to the one that I use.


Breakaway Fast Links

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