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3M Thinsulate is what I used to insulate my Mercedes Sprinter camper van. I bought my roll of Thinsulate from the same person that the affiliate link is linked to. His name is Hein; he was outstanding to work with! I was very impressed with the performance of my Thinsulate insulation. I slept in my van during some very cold nights, and this insulation held the heat in very well. During nights when the temperature was approaching single digits, I had my small Mr. Buddy portable heater running, and the inside temperature of the van would be in the low 80’s! After shutting the heat off, the temperature would stay high for a long time afterwards, even during very cold nights. Thinsualte is perfect for automotive applications because it is resistant to moisture, its non toxic, and its easy to install. Just cut the insulation to the correct shape with scissors, taped it to the sides of the van, and then put panels over it. Thinsulate also works well to suppress outside noise, as it was originally made for acoustic insulation. You may not know this, but Thinsualte is probably the same insulation that is used in your winter jacket, or your winter gloves. Just look at the tag, it may say Thinsulate on it! Also worth noting, when driving for long lengths of time with the heat on, the front of my van which was uninsulated, was significantly colder than the insulated back end. After parking the van, when I would open my curtain to enter the back, I would be hit with a wall of heat. The only explanation for this is the Thinsualte insulation, was making a seriously noticeable difference between the uninstalled front end vs the insulated cargo area of the van, this stuff really worked great! The Thinsulate comes in rolls that are 5 feet wide. To calculate the amount you need, simply multiply the length of one wall times the height. for example my Mercedes sprinter was 10.5 feet long times 6 feet high, this comes out to 63’ next multiply this by the number of walls that you will insulate. I had three walls to insulate, the two side walls and the ceiling, this comes out to 63X3 = 189 feet. Now divide 189 by 5, because the roll is 5 feet wide, and you get 37.8 linear feet. This is the exact amount that you would need, but you should era on the side of getting more. If you believe Thinsulate will work for you, then please click the affiliate link below, I will earn a small commission off it. Thank You!!

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