Food Saver V4440, Air Tight Food Storage

This thing is a must have for any avid hunter or fisherman. The food saver enables you to vacuum seal the meat from your catch. This particular model is fully automatic, their is no guess work. Simply slide the bag into the slot and presto its done! This model is not only very easy to use, but it’s also very easy to clean. So far I have not had any food particles make it beyond the drip tray. To clean this I simply remove the drip tray and wash it with soap and water, and thats it. In truth most of the time it doesn’t even need to be cleaned after it is used.
The trick to using this for fish is to place the fillets inside the freezer bags, and then place them in the freezer for an hour or two. You want the fish to become a little bit stiff before vacuum sealing them. If the fish is completely fresh then some of the juices may get sucked out of the fillets in the vacuum process.
Ive saved many fish fillets using this Food Saver device for long periods of time, and can hardly taste a difference between a fish fillet thats been stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days as opposed to a frozen one thats been stored in the freezer for months.
This machine has very few cons. The only ones I can think of is you have to buy the bags, or make your own from rolls of plastic; and sometimes the seals fail. I’ve had a couple of seals fail in which case the meat is no longer receiving the benefit of being air sealed, but this is a very rare occurrence. Buying the bags is not that big of a deal either especially considering that you can wash and reuse them. Although even when reusing them you will eventually have to buy more because each time you open the bag you have to cut a portion of it off, making the bag smaller and smaller until it is no longer useable.
That being said I have nothing but great feelings toward this machine and have no regrets about buying it. I use it all the time and any avid hunter or fisherman will do the same!

Food Saver V4440, Air Tight Food Storage At Home

I use this exact model at home and I LOVE IT!!! I air seal all of my fish fillets with this, the results are long lasting great tasting fish fillets