Comfortable Car Camping

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Depending on how you look at it, sleeping in a car can be a horrible experience, or an outstanding way to save money. When sleeping in a small car, it seems like it would be impossible to get comfortable, but their are a couple of products out their that make it a whole lot easier! Before I go any further, I have spent many nights sleeping in a car, often in below freezing temperatures. I do this as a money saving venture. To sleep in my car, i fold the back seats down, and lay a Japanese sleeping pad in the cargo area; when it’s cold out I use my heavy Teton Sports sleeping bag. This combo enables me to sleep very comfortably, even in very cold conditions. I have successfully spent the night, in temperatures in the low teens, without a heat source. Surprisingly this combo is almost just as comfortable as a bed.
I honestly do not have a single complaint about the Japanese sleeping pad, it is almost just as comfortable as a real bed, it folds up, and is lightweight. When folded up, this sleeping pad can be used as a comfortable lounge chair to prop yourself up on when laying down to read a book, or watch youtube videos. Another great feature are the carry handles, they make it easy to bring this thing from one place to another. The cover for the sleeping pad also unzips, and can be put in the washer machine for easy cleaning. I honestly can’t think of a single thing that I do not like about this sleeping pad, its super comfortable, lightweight and easily transportable, machine washable, it folds up doubling as a bed or a lounge chair, and it is small and fully capable of fitting in a small SUV like a Honda CRV. The Teton Sports sleeping bag on the other hand, does an outstanding job of keeping you warm, in very cold temperatures, and is more comfortable than most other sleeping bags because it is wider. But their are some downsides, for starters, this sleeping bag is perfect for someone who is living in a car, but it would never work for a backpacker, because it doesn’t pack down small enough; it needs to be hand washed; and because it is so bulky, you have to be a bit careful when zipping it, or else you’ll catch the fabric. It otherwise is a perfect sleeping bag for car camping in cold weather! Another outstanding product for car camping is a windup flashlight. This particular model is what I use, it has a solar panel, and a crank handle, the light last a very long time after turning the crank a few dozen times. I’ve also used this flashing when striper fishing at night, so this light is capable of being exposed to salt water!
If you appreciate my honest review, and would like to purchase the two products mentioned, I would appreciate it if you could click the Amazon affiliate links below this text; I will get a small commission if you purchase these products from the links. Thank you!!

Japanese Sleeping Pad

This is the exact mattress I use in my Honda Crv, it is very comfortable to sleep on

Teton Sports Sleeping Bag

The exact sleeping bag that I use is no longer being sold, but this one is nearly Identical, the only differences appear to be the color of the bag.

Windup Flashlight

I use this puppy all the time, it has a solar pannel, and you can wind the handle to charge the battery, the batter last a loooooong time after turning the crank

Car Camping Computer

panasonic toughbook laptop for car camping

Click to learn more about the Panasonic Toughbook, a laptop computer that can withstand wild temperature swings.