Camera gear, Rokinon Lens, Sony A7

Most of the images, and videos that are showcased on my youtube channel are taken with a Sony A7s Mirrorless DSLR camera in conjunction with one of the following lenses: the Sony Alpha FE 24 – 240mm, the Rokinon 100mm F2.8 ED Macro, and the Rokinon 14mm T3.1 Wide Angle lens. The Rokinon lenses offer a great bang for the buck and are now my favorite lenses. They both deliver sharp, crisp images whether it be the macro lenses ability to show details of an insect, or the wide-angle lenses breathtaking images of the ocean. Some people may consider it a negative that the Rokinon lenses are all manual and offer no controllability by the camera, but this is actually one of my favorite things about them. I love the fact that the Rokinon lenses have an old-school ring for aperture control, and the lack of automatic focus doesn’t bother be since I’m mostly manual anyway. If you do not mind the lack of automatic control and are do not want to break the bank, then in my humble opinion Rokinon lenses are the way to go. To see these lenses in action, check out some of my youtube videos.

The Sony 24 – 240mm is a great well rounded zoom lens. It has modern features including image stabilization and automatic controls. The zoom range of this lens is about as close to perfect as it gets; you can get a relatively wide shot at 24mm and you can zoom to a decent 240mm. This is the lens that I use when photographing or videotaping birds or other wildlife. The image quality looks wonderful as well. I haven’t noticed any blurring around the edges everything looks sharp and in focus. If you are looking for a well-rounded zoom lens then I believe that this lens needs to be in your arsenal. Once again, check out my youtube videos to see this lens in action.

Sony E Mount 24 - 240mm

The Sony 24 - 240mm zoom lense, a well rounded full frame zoom lense with a great image and a great zoom range. Be sure to get the correct mount for your camera.

Rokinon 14mm T3.1 Wide Angle lens

This is a great wide angle lense for full frame cameras. Be sure to get the correct mount for your camera.


Rokinon 100mm Maco Lense

These Rokinon lenses offer the best bang for the buck and the 100mm maco is no exception. be sure to get the proper mount for your camera.

Sony A7s2

I still use the older A7s and I love it! It performs exquisitely in low light conditions making it ideal for events with uncontrollable or intentionally dark lighting. This camera also has features such as zebra striping that makes proper exposure easier. This is the newer A7s 2 I use the A7s 1 and have not used the one mentioned here.