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This website will give reviews of various products personally used by me. All products advertised for either have been used, or are still used by me, unless otherwise noted. It will be noted if a product that is being advertised for is not personally used by me. I pledge to always give my full honest review of every product that I have listed on my website. Negative information about a product will also be listed if applicable. I personally am very logical, and am capable of breaking things down into logical steps, which allows me to weigh pros and cons in a rational way. I consider myself to be pretty good at determining whether something is worth pursuing based on the likelihood of success. For this reason I feel that Im a good candidate to recommend a select few products, on topics that I feel I’am knowledgeable enough to offer good advice. The links provided are various affiliate links, including and, I will be paid a small commission every time you click the link, and buy the product advertised for. If you appreciate my reviews, then I will appreciate it, if you could buy the products through my affiliate links.
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Kayak Fishing

kayaking skills rolling, edging, turning,bracing

Lyme Disease

lyme disease deer tick, full of blood, fat tick

Car Camping

feather pen with ink bottle writing on old paper, view my blogs

Food Saver Air Sealer

food saver air tight food saver


rokinon cine lense, sony a7s camera

Liberty Classroom

tom woods liberty classroom education